International Title: VLADIMIR
Estonian Language / English Subtitles
Genre: DRAMA
Run-time: 12 minutes
Year: 2018
Release Date: To Be Announced
Festivals: Current World Premiere Status Available

SYNOPSIS:   Young Aloo is forced to spend the night at his grandfather Peeter’s house. When Aloo’s video game player dies, both are frustrated by the challenge. While generational differences may seem to keep them disconnected, their “Vladimirs” unite them–though one is real and the other virtual.

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Directed by Yasir Kareem
Written by Yasir Kareem
Lucas Abrahao
Bojana Babic

Produced by Clare Fog
Yasir Kareem

Raivo Trass as Peeter
Aleksander Susi as Alo

Cinematography by Francesco Crivaro
Edited by Ahmed Abdelrazek
Sound by Iki Cvetkovski
Production Design by Clare Fog
Yasir Kareem