Estonian Title: JAHILOOM
English Title: WILD GAME
Estonian Language / English Subtitles
Genre: DRAMA
Run-time: 24 minutes, 59 seconds
Year: 2017
Release Date: To Be Announced
Festivals: Current World Premiere Status Available

SYNOPSIS:   During the harsh Estonian winter, fifteen-year-old Liis joins a group of teenagers for an unusual hunting game in the forest. Hoping to fit in with them, she’s opportunely paired with the boy she likes. The wild nature surrounding her awakens the strength to confront her feelings, yet conflicting emotions surface as the game unfolds.MV5BMTk3ODA4Mjc0NF5BMl5BcG5nXkFtZTgwNDc1MzQ2OTE@._V1_

Frida Jantson-Köstner as Liis
Mardi Truus as Jaan
Franz Malmsten as Olev
Ivonna-Ly Pachel as Kadri
Joosep Spirka as Lauri
Markkus Pulk as Andres
Delta as Eha

Directed by Jerónimo Sarmiento
Written by Bojana Babić
Produced by Clare Fog
Director of Photography Francesco Crivaro
Edited by Ahmed Abdelrazek
Sound Design by Indrek Soe

Assistant Producer Hillar Indla
Production Designer Eugen Tamberg
Assistant Production Designer Gerda-Katrina Samm
Music Composer Liisa Hirsch

Produced by Clear Fog Films in collaboration with Kinoeyes European Movie Masters Consortium
Distribution Contact: clearfogfilm@gmail.com

Filming Locations
Lahemaa National Park, Estonia